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    Social Impact Partnerships

    Pineapple House

    Social Impact

    What is a world without human connection to worthy causes. At Pineapple House Boutique Hotel we are huge champions of weaving social impact work into our core business purpose. Realising the best practices of growth specific to our business through purpose, opens doors and has ignited our true brand personality. Pineapples are considered an expression of “welcome” and symbolize assets we are invested in at our hotel – friendship, hospitality, kindness and warmth. To be invested in organization’s who are working so hard every day to initiate positive change in our communities and nation, is paramount. These are the 4 incredible non-profit organisations that we are very proud to be working with.

    Social Impact at Pineapple House Boutique Hotel



    Project Playground is a non-profit organisation which was founded in 2010 and engages with over 800 vulnerable children and youth in the townships of Langa and Gugulethu (en route to the airport on the N2). They also have a centre just outside Stockholm, Sweden where they care for 100 unaccompanied refugee minors from lower social economic areas. Our vision is a world where every child and youth grow up with a belief in the future and the opportunity to positively impact their own lives. By being part of Project Playground, children gain self-esteem, determination and belief in their futures.


    An introduction to Project Playground and a tour of a local township will completely open your mind to daily life in South Africa. It will connect you to our people and give you a greater understanding of the complexities of our beautiful country and the rich and vibrant cultural mix that makes South Africa the gem she is.


    Registered NPO 100-676-NPO
    Registered Trust IT57/2011
    Registered PBO Section 30 & 18A 930036783
    SED Certified For Level 1 B-BBEE


    What do we do for Project Playground:

    • Guests wanting to enjoy a township tour will be transported to one of the Project Playground centres and the payment for the township tour will be donated to the organisation
    • A late check out please? Absolutely. If we have a room available we will gladly offer you a late check out and from you, a minimum donation towards Project Playground please. A win-win!
    • We have a take home postcard in each guests room with details about Project Playground if you are interested in becoming a monthly donor



    Founded in August 2016 as a Social Upliftment Programme, the H18 Foundation provides training for unemployed ladies in the Joe Slovo township in Cape Town, in the craft of crochet. The materials are supplied and the finished products then purchased back from the ladies. A safe and comfortable space is provided, with on-site training and supervision. Since inception over 150 ladies have been empowered, and moved on to full-time employment, currently there are 25 ladies working at the Foundation.


    Their goal is to grow the manufacturing side of H18 Foundation with new and innovative products and provide skills training for the ladies in administrative processes so that they can run and manage the Foundation themselves. Ultimately leading to sustainable growth and development of the Foundation into a successful self-sustaining company.


    PBO: 930068092 and can issue Section 18A Tax receipts for cash donations


    What do we do for the H18 Foundation:


    • All our bath mats in a variety of colours, are made by the H18 Foundation team and we will continue to support this amazing initiative as we grow
    • We direct our guests to their website for purchasing and will soon feature these on our Pineapple House online store
    • We have a take home postcard in each guests room with details about the H18 Foundation if you are interested in finding out more



    The Jafuta Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on maintaining equilibrium between community, wildlife and conservation, education and culture. A catalyst for bringing together the private sector, local authorities, communities and protected area management agencies, the Foundation forms an integral point through which to channel funds or assistance to any agency or cause with 100% guaranteed transparency.  There are no hidden costs for administration and expenditures.


    The Foundation is registered in Zimbabwe with the Jafuta Foundation Centre, located on the edge of the Zambezi National Park, forming the main administrative base from which most projects are run. Various other locations are dotted in and around Victoria Falls and the surrounding parks and forests, with the majority of the work being carried out in the Hwange West area and the southern section of the Victoria Falls National Park. The Jafuta Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organisation in the USA


    What do we do for the Jafuta Foundation:


    • We have a take home postcard in each guests room with details about the Jafuta Foundation
    • We give every guest the option to make a donation when settling their bills with us upon departure








    Overstrand Hospice has been operational since 2007 and is a community based self-funding non-profit organisation. The head office is based in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa. Overstrand Hospice is totally reliant on the generosity of their donors and supporters, income from their shop and fundraising initiatives to sustain their palliative care services free of charge to patients and their families. With very few of us being untouched by cancer in some way, shape or form, we salute the work that hospice organizations do all over the world.


    NPO No. 053-316

    NPC No. 2005/040864/08

    PBO No. 930024673


    What we do for Overstrand Hospice:


    • We ask our guests to consider donating any items of clothing or pairs shoes that they might not wish to take home with them. The signs on our hangers in the closets will explain that all items donated will be further donated directly to the Overstrand Hospice to be sold in their charity shop in Hermanus. This shop assists in paying for palliative services for the greater community


    Speak to or email our General Manager to explain our social impact partnerships further and to tailor-make your township tour experience.


    Email: info@pineapplehouse.co.za

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