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    The Power of The Travel Industry influencer

    The Power of The Travel Industry influencer

    As the value of social media influencers proceeds to grow from strength to strength, so boutique hotels are partnering with these influencers in order to increase their products visibility and exposure. 

    There are an increasing number of travellers, especially millennials who utilize Instagram as a means of deciding upon their next destination as well as where to stay.

    While influencers’ trips may be backed by the brands they are promoting, they remain considerably more relatable than advertising on TV as well as print ads in magazines. By following certain influencers we invest in them as decision makers and trend setters which in turn aligns our thinking and choices with theirs. Travel is a powerful industry for these influencers to engage with and generate income from as they can align themselves with a large variety of products and destination types.

    It is the social-media savvy generations of new clients that boutique hotels and travel agents alike should be focused on. Not only do they elevate brand recognition but they also get to tell the story. With brands that are starting to engage in social impact, this is a powerful way of telling their stories in an clever and interesting way.

    At Pineapple House Boutique Hotel we are lucky enough to have had two amazing influencers, @lifeofmike and @campsbaygirl attend our industry opening in November 2019. Their positive and supportive feedback was very gratefully received and we hope to be engaging more with them in the future. With them having just launched @thepalmtribe, we are excited to see them grow from strength to strength as a creative content creator. We are also working closely with a great influencer, @wherejosiegoes who has a beautifully curated page (images by the very talented @amylyncurated) and really does inspire us to travel and stay in stunning places. Through her company @opendoorscollective, we are reaching a ever growing social media audience.

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